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Book Five in the Whispers Series

                   Amazon Review

   I just love these characters and couldn't wait to find out what was in store for them in this book. The ending totally surprised me! Highly recommend this series!


The world of the dead comes naturally to Quinn. She owns a funeral home complete with the ghost of a young girl that tells her she is not leaving. She has a specter residing in her apartment that sends her messages by rearranging the contents of her dining room.


The problem? Quin is often contacted by the souls of the dead who want her to fulfill their request, except the spirits who contact her are all on the criminal side of life—part of the Mafia, and with them come the living members of the same organization. Fulfilling their ghostly requests so they will move on to the afterlife and leave her alone, Quinn has a close circle of friends who help her to solve their puzzles while trying to avoid the complications of the living, criminal world who want the same things the spirits do.


But now, spirits are restless. They want something. They want her to know something, and because of it, Quinn faces the most difficult puzzle of all. One that has the spirits and the Mafia in chaos. One that will make her question everything because now the only thing that is important is that she protects her friends. Not from the dead. From the living.

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