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Through a Breakup


Have you just been blindsided by a breakup summons? Shocked, shattered, and demoralized are just a few of the emotions that are fueling your injured state of mind, yet you still have to function. Do you have important decisions to make that not only involve you, but possibly children, pets, your family and friends? How will you be able to make sense of it all when you can’t see past your feelings?  How will you be able to survive the emotional rollercoaster you just got strapped into?


My eight step journaling process will not only help you through a break-up, but it can help you overcome any adverse event in your life. Whether it’s being laid off from your job, the death of a loved one or even an illness that is mentally and emotionally holding you back, this book can help you successfully navigate troubled waters.


Journaling will help you to sort it all out. It will help you to feel what you need to feel. You will be able to take a step back and examine what happened and discover what emotions are taking over so you can gain and keep control to make those decisions you never thought you’d have to make. In this book you will learn how to:

  • Journal to get through the day

  • Manage and come to terms with your emotions

  • Write a therapeutic Kiss Off letter

  • Recover and reclaim happiness through substitutions, self-evaluation and revelations


Follow these 8 steps for journaling your way through a breakup and discover your unique path to a better, happier and emotionally healthier you!

Don’t wait to start journaling!  Don’t let the destruction of your relationship rule your emotions and your actions. If you want to get off that couch and enter the world of the living once again, you need to put in the work.


And when you do this, you will feel whole again. You can be happy and healthy and journaling will help you get there!


           Amazon Review 

I am always looking for books to recommend to my clients.
This is an excellent book. Nancy makes it easy to get started on the difficult journey to healing. The book is relevant, heart felt, and openly and honestly presented. I like the eight step process. Well done, highly recommended.

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