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Book Three in the Heartwood Series

Heartwood 3 Cover - EBook-page-001.jpg

   When all you have is doubt, how do you become who you’re supposed to be, do what you’re expected to do? Why bother when you spend every minute trying to prove to everyone that you are capable of what they expect of you?

   Demons of the natural world are working to destroy it. Xaphan is the strongest, most dangerous so far. If he succeeds with what Ela believes he is planning to do, he will destroy most living things on earth; man, plant, and animal. Hell, even bugs. She has no idea how to destroy him. But she has killed two other demons before, and now she has a very large, very magical wolf beside her.

   It’s bad enough she can’t heal the wounds of the natural earth caused by human destruction—like global warming. But she can kill the demons.

   If they would just stop treating her like a child, maybe she wouldn’t feel like one—uncertain she can be who they need her to be. The true Xylem. The only one who can extinguish the demons of the natural world.

   So, when you begin to doubt yourself like everyone else around you, do you walk away?

Ela can’t walk away. It is her legacy, and she won’t fail despite what everyone thinks. So, in the face of the dubiety that constantly engulfs her, she is determined to find a way.                  

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