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Bad Man, Bad Daddy

Book Six in the Whispers Series


     Quinn O’Reilly never thought she would be wrapped up in the world of the mafia, dead or alive, but here she was. It wasn’t something she set out to do or went to college for, but one day she became the broker for spirits of the criminal kind having to fulfill their unearthly requests.  And while the villainous souls searched her out, the live crooks found her as well. As the two worlds collided, her life turned upside down after she discovered the true identity of her biological father.

     Despite the insanity of her life, Quinn finally found new love—a police officer of all people.

     She fell hard. She also realized it would be near to impossible to enter into a long-term relationship with a man of the law considering her life was so surrounded by evil. But, it didn’t stop them.

     Now, she and her eccentric group of friends set out to help the spirit of a mother(also connected to the mob) help her two children who were trapped in turmoil in the afterlife. It would be a séance like no other they had ever done. And amidst the chaos their nemesis, Jackie Brown continued to plague them. A woman of evil that knew no bounds, she wanted something this mother had that ended up in Quinn’s hands. Jackie would stop at nothing to gain possession of it.

     Revenge was something Quinn never thought about. Her Irish parents raised her to be a good, kind and forgiving soul. But, when Jackie crossed the line, and her biological father showed his true colors, would the walls upholding her moral values begin to crumble?

                      Readers Favorite Review

 Nancy Newman uses spine-chilling, attention-grabbing elements like ghosts and the Mafia to inspire the type of fear that makes you appreciate that your life is not as unbelievably wild and dangerous as the one depicted in the book. Reading about the wind that tossed everything in a room around like a tornado had me jumping at every sound, and the evil criminals have such convincing character traits that I felt uncomfortable when they surfaced in the story. The book's characters are distinctive, realistic, and expressive. In a particularly challenging moment, the protagonist says that she is "crammed with every emotion covering the emotional gamut." I had an explosively thrilling time with Bad Man. Bad Daddy? It is tastefully filled with sizzling romance, mightily suspenseful missions, and intriguing, intricate details about the spiritual world

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