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At this age, perseverance HAS to be your strong suit. How else can us middle-ager’s figure out the complexities of the technological world that we have to navigate? Because if you, like me, are trying to get your work out in the world for people to see it, you don’t have a choice.

It’s not just the computer and the Internet and email anymore. It’s smart phones and tablets and websites and domains and landing pages and email marketing services and publishing services and Facebook and…get the picture?

The amount of marketing tools is just as overwhelming as the number of people using them to market themselves. You have to sift through them to find the viable ones, ones that work and are either free or for a nominal fee because after preparing your product, or book, money is tight.

Then you have to learn how to navigate through them, learn how to use them and integrate them. And hope they will work.

But through all the preparation to market your work, you’re wondering if your work is good enough. It’s not just about getting it out there to the public, but it has to be something that is good. Something the public will want to read or use. And even though you know in your heart, your work is good enough, that thought still nags at you because you weren’t able to get someone to publish or produce your product. But you need to keep in mind that it’s not because your book or product isn’t good enough, it’s because with the technological tools that are out there today, there are so many people that are competing for the same thing you are: for people to read your book or use your product. So the literary agents, the Shark Tank people, and businesses that might produce your products are so inundated with people like us, we don’t always get the chance.

So we turn to the consumer world that we can access through the internet. It’s a jungle, but you can learn to navigate it…with perseverance. Because it will take you many trials and tribulations to get it right.

What makes it worse is now that we got past the flip phone phase and have been pushed into the smart phone phase, we have to be able to do it all on the smart phone.

I don’t know about you, but it’s still too small and I prefer to use my computer or laptop—or just get larger magnification for my reading glasses.

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