Oh To Be A Ten Year Old

I have always wanted to learn-advance my education, learn new technology, but at the age of 58, there is so much technology to learn, I can't keep up. I don't have the time with still working a full time job and sometimes I don't think I have the mind anymore (not that 58 is all that old). Not like a ten year old. They talk about technology like we talk about VHS players and Vinyl records.

I went to a mini conference on self publishing yesterday and they were talking about marketing. It's all technology. After alot of conversations on websites, blogs and other technological stuff that I'm just beginning to learn about, a gentleman spoke up and said exactly what most of us were feeling in the room. Not only don't some of us have the time to learn and use all of this technology, but learning and putting it into action can be the most frustrating thing.

Sometimes, like today, I spend hours on the computer trying to get a part of my web site to work and I might get lucky. Other times I feel like I wasted all those hours because I didn't save it in time, the internet crashes and I lose it all, or I did it all wrong when I thought I had it right. Major 'Do-over'.

So, this gentleman suggested hiring a young person to do it for you. Not a bad idea since a younger person's mind grew up with all this technology. The instructor offered up a website where you can hire people from $3-4 an hour and as high as $25 to do all the techie stuff for you. Now comes the dilemma of coming up with the money to pay someone. It took me days to figure it all out so even at $3 an hour, it can add up.

. But, I'm thinking it wouldn't take them as long as it does me.


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