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The Stonewall Railroad

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Adley and Maren are in love, and like many so many others, are immersed in their own little world, oblivious to what is going on in the world around them that is fast becoming unrecognizable.

The president of a free nation is slowly and expertly transforming into a dictator by weaving his lies into the truths people want and need to hear. He introduces his laws, the latest criminalizing homosexuality—punishable by whatever means his own brand of police, the Warlams choose to use.

Now, Adley’s parents are faced with the hardest decision of their life. They send their daughter away to a place designed to hide and protect young gay and lesbians. Maren makes the decision to leave her family and go with her.

They will travel the Stonewall Railroad—a blind passage where the only thing they know is their starting point. Soon, they find themselves presented with implausible obstacles that they must overcome resulting in growing fears of the things they have to do to survive. Forced to place their trust in people they don’t know, always guessing who is going to help them and who is going to try and kill them, they realize it isn’t the train ride that is their biggest challenge.

What Adley and Maren have to do to protect themselves changes who they are and who they want to be, but for Adley—she is afraid of who she is becoming.

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