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         Whispers Series

                       When you’re dead, you’re dead. That’s it. Nothing more.

                Until you start hearing them whisper

Book One in the Whispers Series

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I had a problem putting the book down. I just had to keep reading until I could get to the last page. Great story, made terrific mental pictures as I read it.

Book Four in the Whispers Series

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A great 4th book in the Whispers Series. An interesting ghost story full of twists and surprises. Did not want to put it down.

Book Two in the Whispers Series

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The 2nd book in the Whisper series. Ms. Newman continues to surprise and delight the reader with another mystery/ adventure into the paranormal. This page turner, like her first book, keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering how Quinn is going to get out of this predicament again. Ms. Newman's Whispers series is a breath of fresh air, and takes the reader on a surprising journey with the help of her closest confidents and friends.The plot twists and turns, and resolves like no other mysteries I've ever read. A great read.

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Book Five in the Whispers Series
Book Three in the Whispers Series

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I have read all the book in the series now. I like the steady pace of this writer. I like how the characters are written, as if they are real people you want to call on the phone. The scrapes and general weirdness of what happens is lighthearted yet potentially deadly. I hope the writer keeps it up. I want more of these books!

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Book Six in the Whispers Series

Heartwood Series

It's your destiny to save the natural world, but you don't want the job.

Sometimes, you don't have a choice.

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Book One in the Heartwood Series

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"Guardians, Rangers, and Parents-- all play a part in this story.
We begin with the life of the new Xylem that is beginning.
Ahhhhhh, what is a Xylem you ask? Well, its a journey the maturing
of a healer, and the maturing of a woman-child. It can also be the Heart and circulatory system of the inner trees. So much to learn, so
much to do before we can complete our Destiny. She would encounter many
hard lessons, deal with loss, -- usually not for anyone so young,
but she would fight, challenge, and survive. But will her work ever be over? We will see..
This was an excellent read. I plan on reading more from this fine writer

Book Two in the Heartwood Series

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The supernatural element of the story gripped me from the start and I enjoyed the subtle way the author introduces the environmental crisis into the novel. The prose is very descriptive and filled with good imagery. Nance Newman creates a memorable female character and readers will want to follow her journey as she learns to harness her gifts and use them in the battle to save the earth from unforgiving demons. Fractures is an epic fantasy written in a cinematic style; it has compelling characters and strong environmental themes. It is an easy and delightful read with short chapters and focused scenes.

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I just love these characters and couldn't wait to find out what was in store for them in this book. The ending totally surprised me! Highly recommend this series!