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About Me

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Pictures by me!

   I live in upstate New York with Ela, a mixed breed rescue from the Puerto Rico hurricanes. I had to learn Spanish to communicate with her and I am teaching her English. Upstate New York is great for just about any outdoor activity/sport that you can imagine-some of which I participate in is biking, hiking, kayaking, and gardening, but walking with Ela is one of my favorite things to do! I also love to read and listen to audio books(which I do whenever I drive) and watch movies(especially fantasy and sci fi),

  I have been writing in some form or other since high school when I bought my first guitar (a 12 string guitar for $50 from one a magazine my mother used to receive in the mail) and began writing songs. Dooley(my music partner) and I recorded our first album of original songs. It was a wonderful experience.

    In college, I started my first novel, but never finished it. I have written many novels since then and hope to go back and complete it one day.

     I currently work for a school district in transportation as a router and dispatcher where I use software to solve the puzzle of getting 5000 students to many different schools, but my goal is to become a full time writer of novels and music. I also train people to drive school buses. 

    I continue to write songs and I am currently working on the Whispers series as well as the Heartwood series, and some days you might see me driving a big yellow school bus.

Picture by me!